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ownersystem user for gitolite
last changeMon, 7 Sep 2015 07:22:26 +0000 (10:22 +0300)
2015-09-07 Mika Laitiofix more errors from uninitalized variables master
2015-09-05 Mika Laitiofix potential error from uninitialized variable
2013-08-11 Mika Laitiofix deprecated AM_CONFIG_HEADER
2013-08-11 Mika Laitioinclude unistd
2012-08-16 Mika Laitiofix possibility for unitialized variable
2012-08-16 Mika Laitiofix possibility for unitialized variable
2012-08-15 Mika Laitiofix line change typo in Data printout
2012-08-15 Mika Laitiocleanups for devices with no data
2012-08-15 Mika Laitiomemory leak fixes
2012-08-14 Mika LaitioData read optimizations
2012-08-13 Mika Laitiomemory leak fix
2012-08-12 Mika Laitioadded eclipse project file
2012-08-12 Mika Laitiocleanups
2012-08-03 Mika Laitioapi fixes and cleanups
2012-07-24 Mika Laitioadd read_interval DeviceConfig methods
2012-07-23 Mika Laitiowarning cleanups
4 years ago master