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ownersystem user for gitolite
last changeSun, 11 Aug 2013 21:23:51 +0000 (00:23 +0300)
2013-08-11 Mika Laitioinclude unistd for sleep method master
2013-08-11 Mika Laitiofix deprecated AM_CONFIG_HEADER
2012-08-12 Mika Laitioeclipse project file update
2012-08-12 Mika Laitioadded error checks to data parse methods
2012-08-03 Mika Laitiomemory leak fix
2012-07-25 Mika Laitiomemory leak fixes
2012-07-23 Mika Laitiowarning cleanups
2012-07-14 Mika Laitiofix building on 64 bit systems
2012-07-14 Mika Laitiofix include path in
2012-07-14 Mika Laitiofix build warnings
2011-07-01 Mika Laitioget_parameter_count method
2011-06-16 Mika Laitiobetter error handling in case where the device specific...
2011-06-16 Mika Laitiocleanups
2011-05-23 Mika Laitiomore debug for error handling
2011-05-23 Mika Laitiomore messages for error cases
2011-03-17 Mika Laitiomemory leak fixes
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